cincinnati photobooth

Of course, we all have great memories of that old photobooth at the fair. Nothing was better than cotton candy, a handful of sticky quarters, and a filmstrip of all the faces your mother would never let you make at church. Now you can get the same great photos, but now with a REAL PHOTOGRAPHER, and a REAL CAMERA, so you never miss any of the action.

+ A {REAL PHOTOGRAPHER and CAMERA} means colorful and properly exposed photos
+ {MULTI-PRINTING} means everyone in the photo gets a copy!
+ Get {BIGGER PRINTS} at 4x6's, or (of course) the olde 2x6 filmstrips as well!
+ Guests recieve their prints through {TEXT and EMAIL} too!
+ Our {LARGER BOOTHS} fit the WHOLE FAMILY! Up to 15 people!
+ {UNLIMITED} prints and sessions
+ Photos are all uploaded to a private {ONLINE GALLERY}
+ {DIGITAL or HANDMADE} scrapbooks
Take some time to check us out, then give us a call to order the booth that will have your guests RAVING!